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  • Lace front wigs
  • How to use a lace front wig
    This leaflet is designed to help you put on your lace front wigs securely and help you take it off with out damaging the wig or your face!
    Preparing the hair the underneath the lace front wig (if there is any!) is like building foundations for a house because it will give you a solid base to pin the wig on to. This can be done by wrapping long hair and using pin curls, crossed grips, clips or even a bandage. Covering this with a stocking top, which is also pinned on, will give you extra security.
    Put the front lace wig on with help by getting the wearer to place their fingers on top of the lace whilst the assistant pulls the lace front wig down at the back. (Placing your fingers under the lace and pulling forward may cause the lace to tear). If on your own bend forward and pull the wig on like a hat. When adjusting it, please do not use the front lace to pull the wig around as it may stretch or tear. Use the thick seam near the ear.
    Use hairpins to secure the lace front wig. Catching these under a pin curl or the stocking top will make the front lace wig secure and you may find that you can get away without glue. (A little bit of Vaseline can help the lace stay flat if the wig is secure)
    Use glue (spirit gum not Uhu!) for more security. To apply, lift the lace and brush the glue to the sides of the face (a blob on the forehead can also be used if you are follically challenged). Allow this to go a little tacky then blot the lace down with a damp cloth (something that will not leave bits of fluff or have colour that will run. Personally we like bits of cotton wool wrapped in nylon tights but it takes all sorts...!). You do not need to pull the lace taut because this will cause the lace to pucker the skin when dry.
    To remove your lace front wig, first use some remover on a brush and apply it over the top of the glued areas (take care not to get it in your eyes). Allow this to soak in (how about getting some pins out while you are waiting?). Use the brush with a little more remover if required to work under the lace and for your skins sake, work in a downward motion.
    Take the wig off from back to front once you have removed as many pins as possible. Any excess glue on your skin can be removed with the glue remover and cotton wool. It is very important that you clean the lace each time you have used glue. If you doní»t, a build up of glue will make the lace visible therefore defeating the object of hiring a lovely lace front wig.
    To clean the front lace, use surgical spirit or acetone* and a lace cleansing brush in a dabbing motion to get rid of the glue (scrubbing vigorously can cause the lace to fray.)
    If in doubt about anything, please ask us for help - we will respect you for it!