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How to Apply a Lace Front Wig When You Have a Low Hairline

A lace front wig allows the wearer to change the part at the front of the wig. The lace front option also offers a more natural look than a non-lace wig. If you have a low hairline, wearing a wig of any type can prove a challenge. It seems you must pull the wig practically down over your forehead to conceal your true hairline. If you place the wig further back, your hairline will jut out, practically advertising the fact that your real hair is being concealed. However, you can apply a lace front wig in an attractive way.

1. Position the wig so that the center back of the wig aligns with the center back of your head.

2. Place the back hairline of the wig at the nape of your neck and pull the wig cap over your hair.

3. Pull the front of the wig down to conceal your true hairline.
4. Adjust the straps at either side of the wig cap until the cap fits snugly.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your wig cap also includes combs, press those in toward the scalp for a snug fit.
  • Using the straps to make the cap too tight can make the wig uncomfortable, even resulting in headaches.

Instructions for Wearing a Lace Front Wig

Lace front wigs are increasingly popular hair pieces worn by celebrities and entertainers for a variety of reasons. They are especially popular in the African-American community because entertainers like Beyonce and Tyra Banks wear them for increased glamour and appeal. You can purchase a lace front wig in a variety of places, including online and at specialty hair boutiques in your town. When you wear a lace front wig, be sure to protect your hair and scalp so as not to damage or neglect them during use.


1. Secure your hair to your scalp. You have the option of pinning your hair, wrapping your hair in a circular motion against your head, or having your hair braided. If you opt for braided hair, circular braiding patterns are usually best, as it will not leave your hair unsecured like braiding your hair back would (especially if you have long hair). Protect your hair by putting on a wig cap.

2. Cut the excess lace on your lace front wig's hairline with scissors. Take caution not to damage or cut the hairline too much, or you will damage the wig's appearance. Use a marker to denote your cutting boundaries, if necessary.

3. Dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol to clean your hairline and surrounding area. This will remove skin oils that prevent you from getting the most secure grip possible when you apply your lace front. Make sure the skin is thoroughly dried before moving on to the next step.

4. Apply scalp protector on your hair line and allow it to dry. This will protect your scalp and skin from irritation from lace front glue. Apply wig bond glue over the dried layer of scalp protection.

5. Place your lace front wig on your head, working from the back to the front, using care to make sure the hairline is properly aligned with your natural hairline. Shifted hairlines will produce an unprofessional look that you will have to correct with reapplication. Press the hairline's edges into the adhesive for a secure fit. Some people find that using a comb for this is helpful.

6. Style your wig as desired. Your wig is now ready to wear.

Tips & Warnings

Sewing the back of the wig to your cornrows (if you have them) will lengthen the duration of time in which you can wear your lace front wig.
Visit your local beautician or stylist to wash your lace front wig as you wear it for best results .


How to choose right adhesive

Adhesives can be categorized in two main categories:

1. Tape adhesives are systems that incorporate a double-sided tape that is sticky on both sides. One 

sticky side is attached to your skin and the other sticky part is attached on the lace.


2. Glue adhesives work on the same principle, but they are firstly applied then allowed to sit until 

they are tacky. The main thing you need to remember is that contact glue is set before connecting 

the lace wig to the scalp.


If you are contemplating on what the best choice is, remember that each type has its pros and cons, 

as well as its specific uses. Generally, adhesives used for lace wigs are contact style adhesives, 

meaning that they are not like regular adhesives. They contain ingredients that need to work 

properly in contact with the human skin, in what concerns durability, dermatologic impact on the 

skin and ease of application.


1. Soluble types of adhesives can be water- based or solvent-based. The first type is less invasive 

to the skin and produces no allergic reaction, while the second contains compounds more 

aggressive to the skin but may last longer.


2. In order to prevent any allergic reaction to the lace wig adhesives, especially glue, you can 

make a hand test. Apply a small drop of glue on your skin, in any of the sensitive places of your 

body (meaning the inner side of the forearm, near the hairline or even on your neck). Leave it to 

dry for about half of hour, than remove it. If within 24 hours the place covered by glue becomes

red and itchy, it may be a sign that you are allergic to it. In that case, you can use tape adhesives 

instead of glues


Take note: for applying a lace front wig correctly, you will need more than just the glue recipient 

or the tape. You can buy a variety of adhesive kits that include the adhesive, scalp protectors, fray 

block, conditioners to treat the hair on the lace wig in order to prevent the wear & tear and even 

products that will help you to remove effectively the adhesive from the lace front wig and the skin.


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Choose between Lace Front Wig and Full Lace Wig


Choosing amid a full lace wig and a lace front wig will appear to come  down to your 

hair needs. For those who artlessly wish a accustomed searching aerial at a added affordable price, 

a applique foreground wig will suffice. Applique foreground units accommodate the accustomed 

aerial for assorted allotment locations aural the aboriginal 3-5 inches of the hairline. These are 

beneath cher than a abounding applique wig as it alone covers the foreground area of the head.

Many women install fractional weaves to complete the style. 

If you adopt to be able to allotment accomplished the aboriginal few inches of the arch and would 

like to put the hair into a top ponytail, a abounding applique wig is a abundant option. With a 

abounding applique wig, it is accessible to allotment the hair absolutely from foreground to aback 

and actualization for top updo's. While a abounding applique wig is added expensive, it is the a lot 

of able advantage and can be reused for years with able maintenance. 

Now that you accept absitively amid a applique foreground wig and abounding applique wig, you 

accept to accept your lace. The applique is the allocation that hair is abstemious through and 

mimics the attending of the scalp. French applique is the a lot of abiding applique blazon and is 

installed in a lot of applique foreground wigs. French applique gives a accustomed actualization 

and has albino hair knots. The agilely black albino knots accord the actualization that hair is 

growing from the attic through a cuticle. 

Swiss applique is the applique that about comes in custom abounding applique wigs or any top

superior applique wig unit. Swiss applique is the atomic apparent and should be handled with the 

absolute care. It is actual simple to breach Swiss applique so it is frequently recommended alone 

for able applications or accomplished applique wig wearers. 

A third applique advantage includes monofilament applique wig caps. Monofilament applique wig 

caps acquiesce for best blast and styling. Due to how the hair is abstemious through the pantyhose 

like lace, anniversary fiber can circle to about you will actualization it. Also, with such a attenuate 

lace, it blends about altogether with your in fact attic color. Monofilament applique wig caps are 

about alone fabricated with custom applique units due to the bulk of labor. 

The blazon of hair acclimated on a applique wig or applique foreground wig is actual important to 

the accustomed look. For African-Americans, allotment European arrangement applique wigs will 

just be a asleep betrayal of a wig. The best hair textures for African-Americans are yaky and 

Indian Remy. Yaky textured hair is agnate to airy African-American hair while Indian Remy is 

beneath textured but thick. The best superior applique wigs are awash with abstinent Indian Remy 

hair because of the bland texture, abounding body, clear cuticle and all-embracing quality. 

Other hair types cover Chinese Remy and European. Chinese Remy is coarser than Indian Remy 

and has no cuticle larboard to anticipate tangles. European hair is cool cottony and straight. With 

all animal applique wigs, they can be black and styled to your liking.

Now that you accept a added abundant overview of your options,find the full lace wig or lace front

wig  that works best for you !

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Something about extensions and wefts


The history of hair extension methods can be traced aback to Egyptian Times. Since again it has 

been one of the a lot of accepted methods of searching good. What sets this action as a chic afar is 

that it allows one to attending acceptable with basal effort.


The a lot of frequently accepted action of hair affiliation is of advance the 'track and sew' process. 

Basically ,  this  is the  adjustment  of  amalgam wefts .  Here ,  the  advance  are   braided  in  a 

administration of the way the hair will fall. These advance actualize the foundation of the way the 

final aftereffect will look. Again the wefts are sewn in the braids generally with the advice of a 

appropriate edgeless concluded needle. You can accept a amount of altered colors if it comes to 

the threads. So, you can accept the one that complements the hair color. However, you accept to 

accumulate in apperception that if the hair gets braided at top tension, you can ache from 

absorption alopecia.


Also, there is the Invisible hair braid for the bartering hair, appropriate bonding with cement and 

abounding added methods that are acclimated in specific situations.

There are altered types of sources and anniversary of them is accurately advantageous to altered 

individuals. This is why you should consistently argue experts afore allotment any accurate option.

In the endure few years abounding brides are application hair addendum specialist to themselves a 

new glam attending on their marriage day.


You will no agnosticism accede to the actuality that there is a abundant appeal for continued and 

admirable hair. It is amount of abundant time and accomplishment to abound this continued and 

admirable hair. Since today's active agenda does not acquiesce you to accord so abundant time to 

your hair, the best way is to go for the micro character extensions and wefts . There are several 

allowances of the human extensions and wefts of any kind. 


If you are agog to accept continued hair in your next date but do not accept time to abound it, you 

can consistently go for the extensions. They will absolutely enhance the adorableness of your hair 

giving a continued and accustomed look. It will abnormally be benign if you accept afresh started 

accident hair.


You will get varieties in the human extensions and wefts . These are accessible in altered shades 

and colors which can altogether accompaniment with the accustomed attending of your hair. Afar 

from color, you would aswell get varieties in the texture, breadth and aggregate of these hairs. 

This will acquiesce you to get a afflicted attending and affect humans all at once.


Human extensions and wefts  can endure after aliment for three to four months. So it can be the 

absolute best for appearance lovers who wish to attending acceptable with basal efforts.

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the magic lace front wigs

lace wig, Beyonce lace wig ,celebrity lace wigHS001lace wig ,Beyonce lace wig , celebrity  wigsHS014

If you've been wondering why Beyonce and Tyra Banks have perfect hair days for every occasion, 

wonder no more. The secret way which convinces millions of their perfection is the Lace Front  Wig .

While lace wigs have been around for ages, the lace-front wig does for many celebrities what most 

ordinary wigs do not: look realistic. 

The way they work is very simple. An expensive material of human hair (typically Indian Remy) 

is used to create the custom wigs. The front of the wig has a faux "hairline" which is actually 

affixed to the head with an adhesive. This makes the hair of the wig appear to be growing from the 

wearer's scalp. 

Lace wigs are fairly expensive. But because of their customization, and realistic appearance, they 

are extremely popular with maritiny different celebes.Lace wigs can last a long time with proper 

care. There are many companies selling the customized products online. When ordering, you'll be 

asked for your specific head measurements and other demand . It is more and more convenient to 

buy wigs now .

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how to choose your best lace wigs

full lace wig-HL001-1full lace wig-HL001-2full lace wig-HL001-2

Both of the lace front wigs and full lace wigs have their own quality and characteristics. In order 

to buy the best quality wigs , you have to learn how to choose . It is also important to master the 

correct way of wearing lace wigs , so you will have natural look . 

Firstly, you should look through different types of wigs in the market. Lace front wigs have lace

mesh at the front. This allows the user to have a natural looking hair line. This is useful if you

want to partially cover a part of your hair. Full lace wigs have lace mesh that serve as the base of 

the entire wig. This type of wig can be very useful if you want to wear an updo or a ponytail. So 

before you make a purchase between the two types , you need to determine first the type of 

hairstyle you intend to wear.  

High quality wigs that come from natural human hair which are expensive .If you want an

exquisite looking wig, the Remy human hair wig is probably one of your best choice.This is made 

from 100 percent human hair and cut with great care.  The Chinese Remy is coarser and suitable

if you want to sport a thicker hairstyle.The Indian Remy is more  elegant because of its finer 

texture which approximates silky hair.Budget wigs are available but they are made from 

composite materials.Some contain a combination of human and animal hairs while others are

made from synthetic hair fabric. 

You need to confirm how the wig is manufactured. This is another important factor . The best 

quality wigs are usually hand tied and can be created natural looking hair.They are more expensive 

than machine tied wigs.  Hand tied lace wigs are also more durable than other types . However, 

the advantage of buying machine tied wig is cheap . Another economical option is choosing half 

machine-made half hand-tied wig .

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The steps to attach a lace front wig

Lace front wigs are one of the latest hair trends, often seen on celebrities such as Beyonce and 

Tyra Banks. They can be styled in many kinds of ways because of their unique, invisible 

hairlines .Fellow the steps can help you easily wear lace front wig at home .

Mainly needs are scalp protector,adhesive, small brush .

Step 1 Prepare your hairline

Cut the lace back to the hairline. Be careful not to cut any of the hair. Place the wig on your head. 

Position the wig hairline in front of your own actual hairline so you don’t have to worry about the

glue touching your hair. Trim the lace back to the hairline and match it with your own hairline to 

ensure a natural look.

Step 2 Clan

Clean and dry the skin below your hairline, as well as your face and neck. Make sure they are free 

of oils and hairless or you will not achieve a good hold. After cleaning, dab or spray your Scalp 

Protector around the perimeter of your head right below your hairline.This can protects your skin 

from the adhesive.  Allow the Scalp Protector to dry completely before applying the adhesive.

Step 3 Adhesive Application

Pull back the wig's hair into a loose ponytail so none of it sticks to the glue.Apply the wig glue 

below your hairline with a brush, covering the area where the front of the wig will sit. 

Dry the glue for 30 to 45 seconds using a blow dryer on a cool setting. The glue will become tacky,

which allows the lace front to adhere better. It is very important to make sure that the adhesive is 

very tacky before you apply your lace wig because if it is not the wig may start to lift in a couple 

of days .Starting with the front hairline, press the lace wig unit and glued areatogether and apply 

constant pressure until the unit stays by itself. This may take 1 minute or longer, but be patient. 

Repeat the steps for your nape and sides.Style your lace front wig after letting the glue dry for 

fifteen minutes. 

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Facts About Lace Front Wigs



Facts About Lace Front Wigs

Ever heard or seen a Lace front wigs? Not everyone of us know about what a lace front wig is. In definition, it is a full wig with mesh lace attached in front beyond the “hair line” of the wig that is custom fitted, trimmed and temporarily glued to one’s skin around the hairline. It is unnoticeable where the lace starts or ends. The mesh lace also gives a natural-looking partings in the hair.

A lace front wig embodies the latest technology for non-surgical hair replacement in the world today. A lace front wig will be the closest thing to your own real hair or can replace the hair you never had. It is the most natural, most beautiful hair replacement system imaginable today. It is made out of top quality human hair and hand tied into a very sheer lace base one single hair at a time. It can look so real that it can be virtually undetectable to anyone even at a distance of only inches away. You can wear it for weeks at a time without removing it. You can comb your hair straight back and finally have the hair you always dream about!

Lace wigs come in two types: the lace front wig and the full lace wig. Full lace wigs are more breathable, comfortable to wear and can be parted anywhere on the scalp. On the other hand, a Front lace wigs have lace at the forehead of the wig and are more natural and undetectable. They may however, cannot be pulled back into a high ponytail. Both full lace wigs and lace front wigs require regular maintenance and can last about six (6) months.

Here is an outline of why Lace Front Wigs are far more superior as compared to any other hair extensions:

They are more versatile, meaning you can part and style your hair in§ any style without having to worry about hiding any tracks bumps or lumps that you may have to hide when using traditional hair extensions.

They look 100% natural to the human eye.§

They last longer and the hair quality is much better than other extensions.§

They will not damage your natural hair.§

They will help you grow longer and healthier hair, because the lace§ wig will cover your whole head there is no need to perm, color, or apply any heat products to your natural hair. The lace wig will take the abuse.

Pink Lace Wigs take pride in giving only the highest quality of lace front wigs and full lace wigs. We are an established lace wig and hair manufacturer company that originated in Falls Church, Virginia and is currently based in Capitol Heights, Maryland. Our staff is skilled with over ten years of experience in hair line and advanced hair production technologies. Our lace front wigs and full lace wigs are all set with the best ventilators and top quality hair that sets us apart from our competitors. We don’t go for artificial wigs or poor materials in producing our lace wigs. We offer the finest and first-class lace wigs at reasonable prices. They are guaranteed to be made of only premium grade 100% Indian and Chinese REMY Human Hair.

So in choosing the right type of lace wig to wear and where to go, never settle for anything less than your money’s worth. Choose a reliable store to purchase your wigs at, like Pink Lace Wigs. Give us a try and get to experience what a beautiful, natural-looking, celebrity hair feels like!


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                                                             HOW TO STORE WIGS

The best way to store a wig is on a wig stand or mannequin. Storing a wig on a wig stand 
prevents the wig from becoming tangled, misshapen or dirty between uses. The wig stand will
also help maintain the factory produced style and shape of your wig. Wigs should be stored in
 a cool dry place free of dust, mildew and high temperatures.

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