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How to wear curly weaves

Although you might look really great in a long or short Curly Weave, there are some professions where curly hair might be considered too boisterous or unkempt. Some people even consider curly hair to be a distraction to everyone. Instead of forgoing your cute curls and sporting more subdued hair during your work day, there are some things that you can do to make your Curly Weave fit in much better at the office, aside from straightening them all out with a flat iron. Although it might not be allowed at your place of employment, there is the option of wearing a nice hat, scarf, or other head covering to spruce up your outfit and take attention away from your curly hair.

If your Curly Weave is rather long, you have quite a few styling options available to calm your curls. People with a long, Curly Weave can simply pull it all up into a high pony tail or bun. This gives it a more controlled look and it also keeps it from getting in the way throughout the work day. Another style that can be used with a longer Curly Weave is to twist part of the side sections starting at the front and securing them together at the back. This is similar to the way straighter hair is pulled back into a half pony tail that only secures the upper portion of the hair. However, gently twisting the sections of hair will keep your curls from springing out everywhere when it is pulled back like this. Securing the twists together in the back with a nice professional looking decorative clip will add a bit of pizzazz without going overboard.

Although those hair styles might be difficult or even impossible to accomplish for those people that have a shorter Curly Weave, there are still ways to keep those curls tamed at work. Although it hides your curliness, you can opt to have your Curly Weave put partially or totally in corn rows. This is a very professional looking hair style as long as the corn rows are done in an acceptable pattern and not one that attracts attention. Often, a short Curly Weave looks more professional simply by defining the curls and making them look more uniform. In order to do this you can use hair care products, such as a pomade, to coat the curls as you wrap the locks around your finger. This process might seem tedious, but it eliminates the fuzzy or unkempt look quite well.

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