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How to Dye a Synthetic Wig


      It works best if appearance a wig from scratch. E.g. Starting with a White, Pearl, Silver or Platinum Blonde Wig. This hardly contaminates the new blush and you will get a added ideal black wig that is added accurate to the blush of the Ink you bought.

      When alive with an already black wig, apprehend up on creating abyss with either a aphotic blah or a darker adumbration of the aforementioned color.

      Color rules apply. If you accept a ablaze chicken wig and you wish it blue, you would either accept to about-face it a Aphotic Navy Dejected or your wig will end up Sea Green.

      Bring your wig forth and analysis the blush anon on your wig afore affairs the appropriate ink. Do so in the aback of the wig abreast the roots so as not to ruin your wig. you can aswell cut a baby band of hair from the back/somewhere alert and accompany it forth to analysis color.

      Always plan in attenuate layers anniversary time to accomplish even coloring.

      To anticipate cantankerous contagion of colors, use as abounding sponges as the amount of colors you are applying to your wig.

      The wig will become hardly tougher to the blow due to the ink. This is natural, do not panic.

      The wig will aswell that appears to that appears to that appears to smell of the ink, but this is not a abiding issue. The that appears to that appears to that appears to smell wears off in 2-3 canicule if larboard out to air.

      Hand-wash the wig afterwards use, application absterge to acclaim 'massage' any wax or administration aerosol from the wig. Swish your wig in a ample dustbin of baptize to abolish the absterge suds and pat it dry with a towel.


      This 'How-To' targets wigs that are NOT originally Solid Black or too aphotic of a Brown as the adjustment involves blush manipulating via adding-on of color. You CANNOT about-face a wig into a Lighter blush than its Original color.

      COPIC inks are booze based and appropriately abiding acknowledgment to its that appears to that appears to that appears to smell is not encouraged. Always plan in a aerial area.

      If you Feel Nauseous, stop use for the time getting and argue a medical professional.

      If you accept yet to CUT a wig, do so BEFORE you blush it.

      If you accept yet to STYLE a wig, do so AFTER you blush it.

      Make abiding the wig is chargeless of grease or any added hair products. This ability arrest even coloring.

      This is an Irreversible process. Do every footfall boring and with care.

      If you accidentally stain any derma with the brand ink, anon abolish with the stain with attach brightness remover and bathe with water.

      Dyed Wigs may leave stains if dry. This depends on the artificial the wig is fabricated of - some stays, some stains. So be careful.

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